We all have preferences. Men’s idealistic standards for women are usually way more complicated and troublesome. To each their own. You’re not a bad person if his height turned you off. As a fellow tall girl, I get it. I want to feel feminine.

Society tells us to shrink, that’s why we feel weird about being tall. F that!

I’m now dating a man who happens to be a few inches shorter than me, and I wear high heels a ton. I was able to get over my height insecurity, and I’m so grateful that I did. Because if I didn’t, I wonder if I’d have overlooked my current partner. I’d sure be missing out!

Girl, being tall is hot. Yes, you are more visible to the world. Own it! Strut it like you’re always walking down the runway with your super modelesque stature.

I do think the key is to start loving your height. Not that it’s wrong for you to want a tall man. I’m just sharing my experience.

Freelance Writer. Blogger. Poet. I write about trauma, recovery, and feminist analysis of media and culture. Contact Me: https://linktr.ee/alexandriaroswick

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