Though I do understand she has to be aware of the amount of power she now has, I don’t think it’s her responsibility to consider how her artistic expression will affect these men. she’s only once named names in an Ellen interview when she was 17 and not nearly as successful (in terms of songs, not other controversies).

Her obsessive fans (as well as the media) start rumors and attach names to the lyrics. We can’t blame her for that, despite how wildly inappropriate her fans act.

Do we ask random poets or songwriters how they think their exes will be affected by their art? Why should we ever ask that of anyone? It’s very irritating. You talk about cheap songwriting, but that’s a cheap interview question.

Artists write about their experiences. These men can write songs or release statements about her if they want. John Mayer has. Anyone can write songs about anyone. Every does that. It’s not wrong.

We really should be asking ourselves why we care so much about who celebrities date. We’re the ones eating this gossip up all the time. If the fans didn’t mention Jake g, her music and video would just be art that people enjoy. The lyrical messages would still stand. You know what I mean?

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