The majority of the men’s responses to this article are straight up delusional. Thanks for the laugh, ya’ll.

I enjoyed this article. Thank you for your interesting take. Just because you don’t site you’re sources doesn’t at all take away from the validity of your thoughts. Anyone can do their own research on any topic these days if they are interested enough. You’ve provided a stepping stone for anyone who might be!

I recently published an article inspired by a similar internet debate I see time and time again… everywhere on social media. Adults who blame deviant children for their “accidentally” sleeping with a minor.

It’s incredibly perplexing to me that some people can’t use enough discernment in their sexual endeavors because they’re so focused on the opportunity to bang a “hot chic” who looks like a little girl. Like what??? This is the hill they will die on?

Hopefully they’re also prepared to be slapped with the label of sex predator because they couldn’t tell if they were talking to a person over the age of 18….anyways I loved how your piece dispelled myths we’ve been fed about the justification of hebephilia and Ephebophilia because it’s all “biological.”🤢

Thank you for sharing! Excellent piece.

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