It’s not just about any lie, it’s about a lie that is told in order to get consent knowing that consent is contingent on said lie. The man in the article knew he wouldn’t get a yes unless he lied to her. In the example you posed, the context isn’t given so I’m unsure. Is his yes really contingent on how many sexual partners she’s had in the past? He sounds pretty misogynistic and outdated. But he still has right to consent. If he said to her “I wouldn’t want to have sex with you if you had x many past partners” and she lied about it to get a yes from him, I’d consider it rape. It’s a scam to get sex from him. Its the same as a financial scam, as she explains above. I have no idea why you think this is a women vs men thing. Of course women should be held to the same standard. Nobody said they shouldn’t.

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