I like doing makeup. I’m also insecure. I’m also high maintenance. I’m not ashamed of any of that. It’s who I am and I don’t hide it.

If a man even has an opinion on makeup, other than “It was invented to keep women in their place and however they want to apply it is fine by me”, I usually take it as a (personal) red flag.

“I prefer a more natural look” is actual bs and translates to “I prefer a woman who has an absolutely perfect face” 🤣 I mean hey, they like what they like, but they don’t want to admit that for some reason.

I do makeup when I want to. I only date men who accept women as they are and don’t have idealistic standards or misogynistic attitudes about what we do with our own faces.

Love the article! Thought provoking and revealing! Thanks for sharing.