Although I think you bring up several interesting points, the sweeping generalizations are quite jarring and difficult to see past.

The point of empowerment is that it is different for every woman. Some are empowered by more conservative behaviors/clothes, and others are empowered by capitalizing off of the (male-created) demand for sex work.

Sex workers are consenting to their objectification within certain parameters. That is absolutely their choice. Men non consensually objectify us all the time, why is it wrong for a woman to get paid for that?

The blame should never be placed on women for the heinous actions of a man (rape and assault). The statements you make come close to slut shaming. I can understand the message you were trying to send about personal responsibility, which I definitely agree with. We do need to be responsible and respectful of our own bodies, especially if we are sexually liberated.

However, as a survivor of rape, this essay reads very harshly. It’s obvious I have a strong bias, but so do you. If you want women to take responsibility for their sexualities, that’s one thing. but to put rape culture on them without discussing accountability for men? I can’t understand it.

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