All the comments about " wah wah so just because one man is lazy that means there's an epidemic??"........Have you listened to any woman talk about her dating experiences, ever?

I don't mean when you ask what's up and nod your head every once in a while as they speak. Active listening. If you've never done it, give it a try. That is, if any women still talk to you. If you can't find any in real life: most of the women in the comments section are agreeing and have had similar experiences. What does that tell you? Or search for the keywords 'lazy men' and see how many narratives you can find. Read them all.

Maybe also think about why the fact that the author is calling out lazy men makes you so triggered. If you're not a lazy man, why would this offend you?

Excellent article. I hope you can find a friend or family member to stay with or some way to get out. You deserve better, and he deserves better too. He clearly doesn't know how to thrive on his own and needs to learn this.

At the very least, please stop doing anything for him.

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