Looking back twenty years to re-examine the feminist themes in a film considered to be ahead of its time.

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Young women are disproportionately corrupted by the overuse of this term.

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After abuse, self-advocacy is one of the most important yet challenging skills to master.

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“Don’t make me not a role model because you’re turned on by me.”

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One day, you will find your voice.

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Is “awareness” really something we need more of?

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TW: Rape, sexual violence, abuse, sexism

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Ok, so am I a part of a couple now? Can this happen for me? Is this allowed?

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I’m thankful for its strength and unmatched beauty.

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Alexandria Roswick

Freelance Writer. Blogger. Advocate. I write about trauma, recovery and critical analysis of media and culture. Blog: https://eternalmetamorphosis.art.blog/

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